Coordinating Beneficiary

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

designed the project LIFE PollinAction and is responsible for coordination and relations with the European Union. Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is involved in the mapping of species-rich semi-natural grasslands, the monitoring activities of the project and the relations with other LIFE and/or non-LIFE projects. Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is recognised as one of the best universities in the country, both for the extensive range of studies offered to students and for its research activities. Research at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is frequently supported by national and European funding bodies and carried out in collaboration with a wide network of internationally renowned research institutions.

Short name: UNIVE

Coordinated actions: A2, D1, D2, D3, E2, F1.



  • is improving grasslands that contribute to the regional Green Infrastructure and will create a hay production chain from species-rich donor grasslands. The Biodiversity Service of Friuli Venezia Giulia has specific competences in the field of nature and biodiversity conservation.
    Short name: FVG

    Coordinated actions: C5, E4

  • Veneto Region
    will define and implement policies to support the creation, improvement and maintenance of ecosystem services provided by pollinators in rural areas. Veneto Region has a long tradition of developing environmental policies aimed at valuing agricultural land.
    Short name: RV

    Coordinated action:

  • The municipality of Caldogno
    will improve the Green Infrastructure on the municipal territory and share the applied approach with other municipalities. The territory of Caldogno summarises the characteristics of the Eastern Po Plain on a small scale, with urban areas mixed with intensive agricultural land.
    Short name: CAM

    Coordinated actions: C4, E6

  • Veneto Agricoltura
    will produce seeds and seedlings that will be used for habitat restoration in the Veneto region. It will also carry out organoleptic and sensory analyses of dairy products produced by the farms involved in the project. Veneto Agricoltura is an institution of the Veneto Region with experience in participating in European and international projects.

    Short name: VA

    Coordinated action: C1

  • Concessioni Autostradali Venete S.p.A.
    will create corridors for pollinators along the regional road infrastructures for which they are responsible. Concessioni Autostradali Venete is a public corporation established in 2008 for the management of the “Passante di Mestre”.
    Short name: CAV

    Coordinated action: C3



  • SELC
    is in charge of the technical planning of habitat restoration measures and provides partners with the necessary guidelines so that actions can be carried out according to a uniform standard in all project sites. SELC is a private consultancy with interdisciplinary expertise in biology, geology and bioengineering.
    Short name: SELC

    Coordinated Action: A1


    will implement the Green Infrastructure in the rural landscape. It is one of the largest distributor and main Italian supermarket chain for organic and biodynamic products.
    Short name: ECOR

    Coordinated Action: C2, E3

  • Albatros S.r.l.
    will carry out the communication and dissemination action. With more than 30 years of experience, Albatros is a leader in environmental education and naturalistic communication.
    Short name: ALBA

    Coordinated Action: E1