January 2024

Cleopatra Disguised… as a leaf 🦋🌱


Cleopatra Disguised... as a leaf The Cleopatra (Gonepteryx cleopatra) is an elegant butterfly belonging to the Pieridae family. The male has brightly yellow-colored forewings with a wide orange spot. However, the flashy appearance disappears when the butterfly is at rest: with closed wings, it resembles a pale withered leaf ; the pronounced wing veins enhance its camouflage. On the other hand, the female has softer colors, with a greenish hue. Adults spend the winter in a kind of hibernation; it is one of the first butterflies to appear in spring. Did you know? The Cleopatra can be considered a indicator [...]

Cleopatra Disguised… as a leaf 🦋🌱2024-02-05T11:07:06+01:00

In Cadoneghe (PD), the students of the Primary School are getting ready to study pollinators


At the end of January, the beautiful season doesn't seem so far away after all and in Cadoneghe (PD), the students of the Primary School are getting ready to study pollinators

In Cadoneghe (PD), the students of the Primary School are getting ready to study pollinators2024-01-26T11:19:12+01:00

The spindle


The spindle Autumn Red The spindle (scientific name Euonymus europaeus) is a small tree or large shrub that grows in woods and hedges, on hillsides and in medium mountain areas. For much of the year, this plant is inconspicuous; its flowers are tiny and greenish, but in the autumn, it flaunts its striking dark red or red-pink leaves . Even the fruits, with their peculiar four-lobed shape, turn red or dark pink when mature and open up to reveal seeds of a vibrant orange color. Spindles, along with other species, are well-suited for the construction of rural hedges and noise-blocking [...]

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Horse mint 🌿🍃🌸


Horse mint One of the 600 varieties of mint... Horse mint (scientific name Mentha longifolia) is an herbaceous plant of the Lamiaceae family. The Mentha genus is one of the most complex in the plant kingdom, encompassing numerous hybrids with a wide variety of fragrances and flavors. It grows from 20 to 80 cm in height and thrives in humid places, along ditches and riverbanks, in meadows, at the edges of roads, up to 2000 meters in altitude. The leaves are whitish, silky, long, and pointed. The pink-violet flowers are grouped in compact spikes, forming a pyramid shape, and attract [...]

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Hairy-footed flower bee


Hairy-footed flower bee A solitary bee The scientific name of this species is Anthophora plumipes, from the Apidae family. It resembles a small bumblebee, but it is actually a solitary bee. The males are distinguished from the females by tufts of long hair on their legs (from which their name comes) and a white snout. The females are dark in color. With their long and slender proboscis, they feed on flower nectar, preferably those with deep corollas. They have a swift flight and can also feed while hovering in place These bees appear at the beginning of spring and prefer [...]

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European crab apple


European crab apple The ancestor of cultivated apple trees The European crab apple (Malus sylvestris) is one of the ancestors of cultivated apple trees, obtained after centuries of selections and improvements. It is a small tree with branches that are sometimes thorny. The large flowers , with five petals, are white or pink on the outside and are very fragrant, attracting pollinating insects . The fruits , with a yellowish-green color, are small, tart, and hard, but they can be used for jams, preserves, and wine. They are highly sought after by birds. The plant is a host for the [...]

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