Hairy-footed flower bee

A solitary bee 🐝
The scientific name of this species is Anthophora plumipes, from the Apidae family. It resembles a small bumblebee, but it is actually a solitary bee.
The males are distinguished from the females by tufts of long hair on their legs (from which their name comes) and a white snout. The females are dark in color.
With their long and slender proboscis, they feed on flower nectar, preferably those with deep corollas. They have a swift flight and can also feed while hovering in place 🐝🌹🌷
These bees appear at the beginning of spring and prefer warm, semi-arid climates.
Their nests are simple cavities dug into the ground, but sometimes they also nest in cracks in walls and chimneys.
⁉️ Did you know? 😲
Each female constructs a series of cells, fills them with a mixture of nectar and pollen, and places one egg in each cell. The larvae will use the food supply to develop, without being cared for by the mother.
Photo Pixabay