Disguised… as a leaf 🦋🌱
The Cleopatra (Gonepteryx cleopatra) is an elegant butterfly belonging to the Pieridae family. The male has brightly yellow-colored forewings with a wide orange spot. However, the flashy appearance disappears when the butterfly is at rest: with closed wings, it resembles a pale withered leaf 🍁; the pronounced wing veins enhance its camouflage.
On the other hand, the female has softer colors, with a greenish hue.
Adults spend the winter in a kind of hibernation; it is one of the first butterflies to appear in spring.
⁉️ Did you know? 😲
The Cleopatra can be considered a indicator species because it is linked to the Mediterranean scrub and a typically warm and dry environment. Therefore, its distribution range is highly susceptible to climate change 🌡️.
Photo Pixabay