Project Coordinator Stefania De Vido

Scientific Board
Sophia Aneziri, Claudia Antonetti, Alice Bencivenni, Madalina Dana, Matthias Haake, Aaron Hershkowitz, Olga Tribulato

Editorial Board
Ivan Matijašić, Valentina Mignosa

Editorial Staff
Fabio Maielli, Michele Saccomanno

Scientific Team
Silvia Palazzo, Michela Socal, Luigi Tessarolo (Software)

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The Project

The AXON Project was born within the Laboratory of Greek Epigraphy directed by Claudia Antonetti. It was funded by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice as part of the University Projects (PRA) 2013 and it is coordinated by Stefania De Vido.

AXON aims to offer a collection of Greek inscriptions selected on the basis of their ‘historical’ relevance, giving value to the epigraphic document as an irreplaceable source not only in the reconstruction of several aspects of political or institutional history of the Greek world, but also for the in-depth investigation of numerous issues of social and cultural history. Our collection covers the whole timespan of Greek History as conventionally defined, from the formation of the polis to 31 BC.

Each document is presented through a digital record that contains: an accurate description of the object, the places of discovery and preservation, the chronology and type of inscription, information on the language and the script, a lemma genetico, the Greek text with critical apparatus, translation and commentary in Italian or English, an updated bibliography.

Through their articulation, our records adopt the international standards in the field of digital epigraphy, and uses a vocabulary as widely shared as possible.

Many Italian scholars from major universities are currently collaborating on the project, including specialists and scholars from various fields of research, from dialectology to history, from epigraphy to archaeology. The project promotes a long-lasting synergy between different disciplines and provide a concrete ground for scientific discussion. Moreover, it is open access and it is constantly updated.

AXON and Europeana EAGLE Project

An affiliation agreement has been signed with the Europeana EAGLE project. Axon was originally conceived as a digital epigraphic resource in Italian. However, since 2021, has been prepared a translation of the entire site, now usable in English by both external users and authors. Moreover, EAGLE affiliation allows to use (and implement) shared controlled vocabularies (multilingual).

AXON and teaching

The system developed to create the epigraphic record in the Axon database makes it a flexible and user-friendly tool, suitable not only for scholars but also for students, who can have free access to the records and deepen their knowledge of Greek epigraphy or use the material for preparatory work on theses or scientific publications in the field.

The authors of AXON records