Carmina Latina Epigraphica
In this section there is a digital archive of carmina epigraphica that includes, in addition to Franz Bücheler's edition, a supplementum of 1235 inscriptions discovered after the 1926 (year of the update of the teubnerian compilation of texts by Ernst Lommatzsch), and for this reason without an ultimate arrangement in an organic corpus. These texts, still edited in different collections, once included in Musisque Deoque could be easily consulted and inquired. The carmina are assimilated to the other texts available on the website, and so they are provided with an apparatus always updated according to the modern criteria of epigraphic textual criticism. Finding the inscriptions (and their apparatus) could be done through the Index, alphabetical or chronological, or the Search, with the same verbal queries of Musisque Deoque. Or again through two other access tools: a Search by incipit, which orders the epigraphic texts on the basis of the first significant verse, and a Search by corpora, that allows to identify the texts from a specific edition.
Of each carmen are given the place of origin (area and country, with both ancient and modern name), dating (whenever possible), and eventually a praescriptum and postscriptum in prose, etc. Moreover, has been set up a photographic archive of the inscriptions on catalogue: every image is scanned from printed publications or recovered through the most reliable epigraphic sites on the web; then, it is reduced to a small icon preceding the text, clicking on which the image itself will open and enlarge to show the inscription and its frame; a brief caption specifies the source of the photography.