Vanessa Atalanta

Tireless traveler 🦋
The Vanessa atalanta, also known as the Red Admiral 🌋, is a beautiful large butterfly belonging to the Nymphalidae family, easily recognizable by its vibrant and characteristic coloring.
The Atalanta can live for a long time, up to about 11 months, so much so that it can occasionally be observed even in winter. It is widespread from plains to mountains, often found in vegetable gardens, parks, and gardens.
The caterpillar primarily develops on nettles or wallflowers 🌿.
⁉️ Did you know? 😲
The Atalanta is a great traveler, moving between Northern Europe and the northern regions of Africa, flying solo; its flight speed averages 14 km/h, but it can travel at higher speeds when pushed by the wind 🌬️.
Photo Pixabay