CLEAfr-02, 00142 = CLE +02066

Inuide uiue et uide, u<t> plura po[ss]eis uide[re]


u<t> plura po[ss]eis uide[re] rest. Lommatzsch

Provincia: Africa Proconsularis / Località: Redir el Fras
Datazione: 200-400 d.C.?



Reference basis text: CLEAfr-02, 00142

Editing of the digital edition: A. Prontera, 2022


Lommatzsch = E. Lommatzsch, Carmina Latina Epigraphica; conl. F. Buecheler, II,3: Supplementum curavit E. Lommatzsch, Lipsiae 1826

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