April 2023

Guelder-rose ❄️🌳🌸


Guelder-rose ❄️🌳🌸 Snowball tree ❄️🌳🌸 Also called snowball tree, the Guelder-rose (Viburnum opulus) is a shrub 3-4 meters tall and can be recognized by its large white inflorescences. Flowers are arranged to attract the attention of pollinating insects 🐝🦋. In fact, the fertile flowers are small and arranged in the center, while the larger sterile flowers are found all around. Pollinating insects, attracted by the larger flowers, will thus approach the real, inconspicuous flowers. The fruits turn bright red in September, when they ripen, and are as big as peas; they are poisonous. The guelder-rose lives in clearings and forest [...]

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Yellow iris


Yellow iris 🌼🌹The iris of the European swamps 🌼🌹The yellow iris or yellow flag (scientific name Iris pseudacorus, Iridaceae family) is a beautiful herbaceous plant that grows spontaneously in marshy soils, along canals and ditches, together with other plants that prefer humidity. It has a rigid stem with leaves almost as long as the stem, which look like sword blades 🗡️, and yellow flowers 🌼 that bloom one after the other, reflecting their beauty in the waterways. It reaches a height of 150 cm.⁉️ Did you know? 😲Yellow iris is mainly pollinated by bees and bumblebees 🐝 which crawl inside [...]

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Green infrastructure


Green infrastructure #Greeninfrastructure, what is it? Green Infrastructure is a network of natural and semi-natural areas designed and managed to deliver a wide range of #ecosystemservices such as water purification, air quality, space for recreation and climate mitigation and adaptation. #LIFEprogramme #LIFEproject #EUPollinators LIFE Programme EU Green Capital EU Environment EU Climate Action Ecosystem Services Partnership Rewilding Europe Ca' Foscari Sostenibile Little Green Space Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Network - BES-Net

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Silver Y 🦋🖋


Silver Y 🦋🖋 A letter written on wings 🦋🖋 Silver Y (Autographa gamma) is a moth of the Noctuidae family. Its name derives from the design in the shape of the letter gamma (ie Y), white / silver, present in the center of the fore wings. The ground color of the wings is greyish brown, variable and mimetic. It's an active moth especially at dusk and at night 🌜, apart from those on the last flight of the year who are active even in daylight hours. The caterpillar 🐛 develops on numerous plants including clover and lettuce. ⁉️ Did you [...]

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The dog rose 👑🌸🌹


The dog roseThe queen of the woods The dog rose (Rosa canina, family Rosaceae) is one of several species of wild rose. It can reach 2-3 meters in height and sometimes form impenetrable hedges. It has downward curved branches and sturdy hooked spines. Flowers with delicate corollas appear from May to June; their color varies from pink to white and they have a subtle, barely perceptible scent. Of this species alone there are dozens of different varieties and forms. The fruits (false fruits) ripen in October-November and are rich in vitamin C. Dog rose is the ideal environment for birds [...]

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Marshmallow 🍡🌱🌸


Marshmallow 🍡🌱🌸Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) belongs to the large Malvaceae family. In fact, it is also known by the name "bismalva", meaning "twice mallow", due to the effectiveness of its active ingredients similar to those of mallow. It is a perennial herbaceous plant, bushy, 40-120 cm tall. It lives in damp, cool places along watercourses or ditches, up to 1200 m of altitude. The flowers are large and showy, white or pink, with five heart-shaped petals. They are greatly appreciated by bees . Marshmallow arrived in Europe from the Asian steppes long before the Christian era and acclimatised easily. It was cultivated [...]

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