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This is the online platform which the Ca’ Foscari Competency Centre has specifically created to accompany you through the different stages of the process of developing your behavioural competencies. Before proceeding, we would like to give you some insights into behavioural competencies.

What are behavioural competencies and why are they important?

Behavioural competencies are a set of individual behaviours needed for effective performance at work. As these skills are transversal they can be activated in any professional position that requires them; they can be emotional, social and cognitive, such as results orientation, initiative, adaptability, empathy, leadership, conflict management, etc. International scientific research has shown that possessing and enabling behavioural competencies –not only in the working context but also in private life - makes a difference, for example in terms of personal satisfaction and career success.

How to learn behavioural competencies?

Everyone can acquire behavioural competencies and put them into practice through a specific learning process that consists of several phases. The prerequisite for embarking on this path is the willingness to engage in a process of development and personal growth.

What is the Competency Platform?

Through the activities proposed in this platform, the Ca’ Foscari Competency Centre will guide you through the various stages of the process and help you to become more aware of your aspirations and your professional and personal growth objectives. You can also measure your level of possession of behavioural competencies. The path will eventually allow you to build a personal development plan aimed at developing the skills that are important for achieving your future goals.

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