We strongly recommend to use only the internal commands to navigate in all program functions, avoiding the use of the browser buttons ("Go back", "Reload page", "Browsing history" etc.), whose effects could be unpredictable and inconvenient.
If a message such as "This page requires confirmation before you can exit. The data entered may not have been saved" is displayed, we recommend not to leave the page and then using the navigation buttons provided by the program (if necessary, also the delete button).
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Problems displaying Greek characters?


Some browsers (in particular Chrome and very recent versions of Firefox) do not correctly display some Greek letters (mostly archaic). The letters that may present this problem are shown in the table below. You can immediately check if your browser displays the characters correctly:

if you see an icon instead of a letter on the second line we suggest the following options:

  • you can use a browser that does not present the problem (e.g. IExplorer 11 or later for Windows; Safari for Mac);
  • you can install David Perry’s Cardo font on your computer by following these steps:
    • download the Cardo font from here;
    • install it on your computer;
    • check the box below.